Selection for Weekend of 14th March 2020

Picked and cannot play? You NEED to cry off – certainly let your captain know, but the priority is to let the named cry off officer for the week know – he is the one that will coordinate players moving up the teams to cover your absence!

This week the cry off officer is: Please contact Duncan Anderson – 07890 950314

1st Team

Opposition: Old Stationers – League
Venue: Old Elizabethans Memorial Ground, Gypsy Corner, Mays Lane,

Barnet, EN5 2AG

Meet: 12.30pm @ ground / 2pm kickoff
Contact: Tim Banks 07463 633484
1Pat Dickinson
2Ben Francis
3Paul Scott
4Danny Phillips
5Alex Lanigan
6Danny Smith
7Adeola Olorunshola
9Tim Banks (c)
10Jed Wood
11Dillon Boyake
12Matt Browes
13Luke Karavias
14 Ronnie Adjekwei
AI£10 Match Fee

2nd Team

Opposition: Old Lyonians – League
Venue: AP Racecourse, Alexandra Palace Way, N22 7AX
Meet: 12.30pm @ ground, 2pm kickoff
Contact: Keith 07533 451782
1Harry Wilkinson
2Ziggy Harris
3Keivan Karamian
4Marek las
5Richie Hancock
6Sean Bligh
7Chris Torrance
8Aodhan Kelly
9Stephen Koreck
10Chris Diaz
11Antonio Giangrande
12Luke Mason
13Alf Inkson
14Alex Taylor
AI£10 Match Fee


3rd Team

Opposition: No Game
Contact:  Andi Smith – 07846 122013


4th Team 

Opposition: Old Owens 4s  – League
Venue: Old Owens Sports Ground, Coopers Lane, Northaw, EN6 4NE
Meet: 12.30pm meet @ ground / 2pm kickoff
Contact:  Nye Jones 07590 720116
1Samuele Gentile
  2Michael Fox
3Anton Routledge
4Matt Rodo
5Fred Newman
6Gregg Thomas
7Ross May
8Arthur Shearlaw
9Nye Jones (c)
10Alex Hudson
11Tom Parker
12Otis Long
13Richard Dymond
AI£10 Match Fee


5th Team


Opposition: Old Parkonians 5s – League
Venue: AP Racecourse, Alexandra Palace Way, N22 7AX
Meet: 12.30pm @ ground, 2pm kickoff
Contact: Graham Martin 07775 628431
2Arthur Whitehead
3Charlie Clarke
4Lukas Brown
5Tom Jones
6Scott Reidy-Martin
7Finlay Martin
8Louis Hamilton
9Ollie Wellington
10Emile Hohmann 
11Cem Isiksalen
12Hadi Ahmadzedah
13Ollie Notley
14John Bellinger
AI £10 Match Fee


6th Team


Opposition: Old Finchleians 4s – League
Venue:  Old Finchleians Memorial Ground, 12 Southover, Woodside Park, N12 7JE
Meet: 12.30pm @ ground, 2pm kickoff
Contact:  Dayne Gomez 07956 445639
1Farhad Shahidi
2Pat McGlogan
3Khiry Johnson
4Gary Jones
5Dan Shepherd
6Ben Kalfyan
7Alex James
8James Ellis
9Will Mcloughlin
10Dayne Gomez (c)
11Ben Fallon
12Matt Walsh
13Ed Gurton
14Billy Proudlock/Will Watson
AI£10 Match Fee


7th Team


Opposition: Norsemen 5s – League DH
Venue: Edmonton Sports & Social Club, Church Street, Edmonton, N9 9HL
Meet: 11.45am @ ground, 1pm / 2.15pm kickoff
Contact: Matt Piner 07736 936436
1Matt Kelly
2Matt Piner (c)
3Andy Smith
4Ayer Ozinel
5John Spinks
6James Rae
7Jack Morris
8Oli Miller
9Harry lloyd
10Kyle Morris
11Matthew Rands
12Edward Taylor
13Scott Doherty
14Kurt Fullerton
AI£10 Match Fee


8th Team


Opposition: Crouch End Vampires 5s – League DH
Venue: New River Sports Centre, White Hart Lane, N22 5QW
Meet: 12.30pm @ ground/ 1.30pm / 2.45pm kickoff
Contact: Jack Kennedy 07958 000315
2Jimmy Abbott
3Dan Kirby
4Jack Kennedy (c)
      5Robert Holder
6Neil Harte
7Alexander Thomas
8Tommy Georgiou
9Rudy Gonzalez
10Ajay Nainani
11Zain Jaffer
12Chad Cox
AI£10 Match Fee 


9th Team 

Opposition:  Elizabeth Allen OBs –  League DH
Venue: Old Owens Sports Ground, Coopers Lane, Northaw, EN6 4NE
Meet: 12.30pm @ ground 2pm/ 3.15pm kickoff
Contact: Jon Gallaway  07792 911007
2Emlyn Robbins
3Rey Ahktar
4MacKenzie Hadley
5Jordan Cook
6Jon Gallaway (c)
7John Puddephat
8Tim Davies
9Darren Cahill
10Lukas Hickson
11Alex Munro
12Angus Reynolds
13Michael Richards
AI£10 Match Fee



Opposition: Globe Rangers – League DH
Venue:  AP Racecourse, Alexandra Palace Way, N22 7AX
Meet: 9.30am @ ground / 10.30am / 11.45am kickoff
Contact: Martin Egan 07984 297582
1Farhad Shahidi
2Martin Egan (c)
3Jay Hughes
4Niall Cassidy
5Doug Rice
6Liam Payne
7Paul Moruzzi
8Kieran Payne
9Adrian Smith
10Paul Kirwan
11Adam Jenkins
12Gary Jones
13Patrick McGlogan 
14Tony Walsh / Paul Jannecce
15Kyree Duah / Gareth Jandrell
16Gerry Lepkowski


AP Guide to Selection

Cry off - to ​decide not to do something that you have ​arranged to do

Don’t “cry off” after having made yourself available for selection.

If you must cry-off for unexpected reasons, then ONLY contact the nominated ‘cry-off’ person shown in the Newsletter and the website.

This person co-ordinates the cry-offs and will contact your Captain on your behalf. If you persistently cry-off, you will be put on the reserve list and your place given to someone who is keen to play each week.

Please let you Captain know if you are going to be unavailable for the coming week(s).

If you have not been selected

Contact the Captain you last played for or the nominated ‘cry-off’ person and they will do their best to get you a game

Please make sure you are also familiar with the Players Guide and Code of Conduct.