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Player Profile – Alex Patterson

Player Profiles | September 20, 2011

Name: Alex Patterson Born (year/place): 1987 : Luton Joined AP: 2008 Team/position: 1s – Centre Half I support… Luton Town F.C How did last season go… Terribly. Hopes for this season… Promotion as champions. Nothing else will do! Best AP moment? Coming off the bench as an auxiliary striker at Bank of England to bag […]

Player Profile – Joe Robinson

Player Profiles | September 20, 2011

Name: Joe Robinson Born (year/place): 1986/Billingham – Stockton-On-Tees Joined AP: 2009 Team/position: 5’s (at the moment)/Centre Half (at the moment) I support… Being from the North East, I’m obviously a Man United fan…. How did last season go… For me? Not well. An Achilles injury (which contrary to popular opinion was actual injury) sustained while […]

Player Profile – Ian Simpson

Player Profiles | July 27, 2011

Name: Ian Simpson Born (year/place): 1980/Watford Joined AP: 2005/6 Team/position: Reserves/Centre Half I support… Watford The season so far… Shocking start, the nadir being a half time hairdryer from the gaffer that sparked the squad to life and sent us on a great cup run and 10 league game unbeaten run The rest of the […]

Player Profile – Bryan King

Player Profiles | July 19, 2011

Name: Bryan King Born (year/place): 1945 Berkhamsted, Herts Joined AP: Football 1965/66 Cricket 1959 Team/position: Guardian of the timbers (5s, 6s, 7s, 8s) I support… Spurs and Barnet The season so far… Fantastic- still alive and still playing The rest of the season… Even better, assuming the above! Best AP moment? Skippering the 1s at […]